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Vanguard Liquidates Positions in Spanish Listed Real Estate Companies

The fund manager sold holdings of more than 360,000 shares in the leading publicly traded companies in the real estate sector during the second quarter of 2020.

Interior Bolsa de Madrid

The American fund manager Vanguard has rebalanced its portfolio of listed Spanish real estate companies. According to an article in El Español, the US firm sold off shares in Aedas Homes, Colonial, Lar España, Merlin Properties and Neinor Homes. Vanguard is, with a greater or lesser extent, among the ten largest shareholders in these companies.

The one exception is Metrovacesa, in which it has a minimal investment, but its holdings in other firms run from 1.18% in Aedas Homes to 2.6% in Neinor Homes. The management firm also has significant investments the socimis Colonial and Merlin Properties.

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