The Spanish Real Estate Market in July 2021

July was an important month for the real estate sector in Spain, where we saw an array of transactions in the logistics, office and hotel sectors. One of the most recent saw Aedas acquire the developer Áurea Homes, while the major listed companies unveiled their returns for the first half of the year.

Procobo Buys €1.7 Billion in Uncollected Developer Loans from Sareb

Sixteen opportunistic funds had been bidding for the loans at a 90% discount on face value.

Banco Santander to Sell €136 Million in Loans to Hesperia

The loans have eleven hotels and an office as collateral and are up to date with payments, so any discount on the sale would be small.

Lone Star Demands €275-Million Asset Buyback from CaixaBank

The fund has filed for arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce, in which it will claim back part of the assets purchased from the bank.