The Spanish and Portuguese NPL Markets Under the Microscope: A Q&A with Debitos, Ahead of SmithNovak’s Conference in Madrid

Following on from their recent Global event in London, SmithNovak is now turning their attention to the Iberian market, with an event in Madrid e...

EOS Spain Buys the Ordesa Debt Portfolio From CaixaBank

The portfolio is made up of more than 200,000 operations, most of which are located in the provinces of Barcelona and Madrid.

NPL Technology & NPL Management, on the Agenda at SmithNovak’s Global NPL Conference

According to Alexandros Efstratoglou, Business Development Director at Relational, technological advancement has always been "one of the stronges...

The Spanish NPL market under the spotlight, at SmithNovak’s Global NPL Conference

What is the situation of the NPL market in Spain, and what impact will increased levels of defaults have on the real estate market? How has new regulation impacted the market, what NPL volumes will emerge in the coming years, and will there be a wave of NPLs similar to the one that occurred during the previous crisis of 2008?