Monday, July 13, 2020

Spain Becomes the European Leader in Sustainable Offices

Spain tops the list of European countries with the most LEED and BREEAM certified buildings, boosted by the offices of the large Socimis such as Merlin, Colonial and GMP.

Nuñez i Navarro Invests €14 Million in a Luxury Development on Paseo de Gracia

The Núñez i Navarro Group has invested 14 million euros in the refurbishment of two buildings on Paseo de Gracia to develop 20 luxury apartments for rent.

Colonial Sells All of its Logistics Assets to Prologis for €164 Million

The Socimi has sold the rest of the logistics assets included in the agreement signed in 2019 with the US firm. Prologis will disburse 164 million for the seven developments, which together span 159,000 square metres.

Real Estate Companies Breathe a Sigh of Relief as the Impact of Covid is Less Severe than Expected

The boom in working from home and the closure of large retail stores caused the Socimis and developers to worry about how the pandemic would affect their businesses. However, the start of the new normal is proving to be better than expected.

Investment in Retail Will Double in 2020 Compared to the Previous Year

Investment in retail will amount to between €1.5 billion and €2.0 billion this year despite Covid-19, whereby doubling the figure achieved in 2019, according to Savills Aguirre Newman.

Laimo Promotes the Largest Logistics Project in Barcelona

The building work will be awarded a Breeam Very Good certification and the project will enjoy the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

AQ Acentor Starts Work on the AQ Parque Princesa Project in Málaga

The total investment will amount to 84 million euros and will include the construction of 3 residential towers. All of the homes will be for rent.

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Málaga Puts 21 Plots on the Market for the Construction of Hotels

The City Council has put 21 plots of land on the market for the construction of hotels under the slogan "Málaga: better than ever", with the aim of generating employment and wealth.

House Purchases Drop by 53% in May and Impact New Build Homes

In May, as the lockdown measures began to ease, house sales and mortgage signings recorded year-on-year decreases despite rising prices, according to the notaries.

Barcelona Puts Out for Tender the Construction of 4,500 Rental Homes

Habitatge Metròpolis Barcelona has put out for tender the construction of 4,500 homes in the metropolitan area of Barcelona with a value of 159.6 million euros.

UCI, Ibercaja and Sabadell Sign an Agreement with the Town Hall of Madrid to Finance Home Renovations

Financial institutions will grant loans of between 20,000 to 500,000 euros over ten years to finance the cost of building renovations.

Barcelona Reactivates the 22@ District After Doubling the Number of Planned Social Housing Units

Barcelona's municipal government has signed a pact with the ERC group to boost the 22@ technology district by modifying the General Metropolitan Plan (PGM).

BNP Paribas Appoints Borja Ortega as its new CEO for Spain

The BNP Paribas Real Estate firm has appointed Borja Ortega as its new CEO in Spain and he is expected to take up his new position soon.

Mercadona Puts Two New Portfolios of Supermarkets on the Market Following the Success of the First One

Juan Roig's supermarket chain is looking for a buyer for 38 establishments for which it could receive up to 200 million euros.

Demand for Country Homes in Málaga Soars by 460%

Rural accommodation in the province of Málaga looks set to reach an occupancy rate of 80% this month, whilst the hotel sector will barely exceed 40%.

Patrizia Acquires an Office Building in Madrid for €45 Million

The German fund manager has acquired a 15,000-square-metre office building in the Arganzuela district of the capital for €45 million.

Real IS Buys a Building in Las Ramblas, which is Leased to Seat and FC Barcelona

Royal I.S. AG has acquired a building comprising offices and commercial premises located on Las Ramblas, 124, in the centre of Barcelona from KKH Property.

Second-Hand House Prices Fall by 9% in Málaga

Acquiring a second-hand home in the city of Málaga is now 9% cheaper than it was in February 2020. The price reductions range from -10.3% in the Bailén-Miraflores District to -2% in the Eastern District.

Tectum Starts Work on 226 Affordable Rental Home Units in Madrid

The fund has started work on two rental home developments in the Madrilenian municipalities of Alcalá de Henares and Valdemoro, both promoted by Locare.


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Hotelbeds Receives a €430M Injection from 3 Funds to Head Off the Risk of Bankruptcy

Cinven, EQT and Canada Pension Plan Investment (CPPI) have decided to contribute €430 million to the Spanish company, which they acquired in 2016. What Happened in April 2020?

The impact of coronavirus defined the real estate market in April, although operations were actually closed in the commercial and logistics markets and new projects were announced in Madrid and Málaga.

Santander Explores How to Securitise NPLs Through Deva Capital

The entity has created the company Deva Capital as a vehicle to explore the purchase of damaged assets from financial institutions around the world, according to various financial sources consulted by the newspaper Expansión. Investment banking sources stress that Santander's subsidiary in Brazil already acquires these types of assets from the banks through its real estate servicer.

Population Density is Not an Enemy in the Fight Against Coronavirus: Here is the Evidence from China and Spain

In regions such as Soria, Segovia, La Rioja and Albacete, the number of people infected by coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants exceeds one thousand, which is higher than the rates in other areas where the population density is higher such as Madrid and Valencia.

Latest Transactions

LCN Capital Partners Signs an Agreement with Mercadona to Buy 36 of its Supermarkets

The fund specialising in the purchase and subsequent rental of assets has signed an agreement with Mercadona to acquire the 36 supermarkets that the retailer has on the market.

Leo Messi Buys the Himalaia Hotel in Baqueira Beret

FC Barcelona player Leo Messi has purchased the Himalaya Hotel through his hotel company MiM. It is a four-star hotel establishment, located in Baqueira.

Acciona Buys 85,000 m2 of Land in Cádiz to Build a Hotel and Homes

The company has purchased 85,000 square metres of land from the company Big Blue for around €20 million and plans to invest €60 million in the project in total.

Goodman Acquires a 37,000 m2 Logistics Plot in Barcelona and Builds a New Centre for Seur in Illescas

Goodman has acquired a logistics plot spanning 37,000 m2 in Barcelona and is developing a new centre for Seur in Illescas.


House Prices in Madrid Rise by More Than 45% in Five Years

The average home cost 295,927 euros in the Spanish capital at the end of March, compared to 165,280 euros on average in Spain.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Home in Your Area According to the Government’s Statistics?

The map prepared by Brains RE using data from the Ministry of Development's index reveals the rental prices in each municipality in Spain; and they vary quite a lot compared to other indicators.

Where are the Most Expensive Homes in Spain?

25 Spanish towns registered house sales costing more than 3,300 euros per square metre during the first quarter, including eight municipalities in the Balearic Islands.

House Sales Reach their Highest Prices in 8 Years

Homes sold during the first quarter of 2020 registered the highest prices seen in the last eight years, with an average of 1,747 euros per square metre; four autonomous regions accounted for 70% of the total sales volume.