Saturday, November 28, 2020

Vivenio and GMP are Awarded the Repsol Plots in Méndez Álvaro

GMP has acquired the tertiary land, which has a buildable area of 18,000 m2; whilst Vivenio has purchased the residential land, which has a buildable area of 19,000 m2.

The Manager Quercus Launches a New Vehicle to Invest in Prime Homes

The firm will invest up to 35 million euros in the purchase of apartments and residential buildings in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao.

No Buyers can be Found for Luxury Homes in Barcelona

The most sought-after homes during the pandemic have been those costing between 500,000 euros and one million euros with an average price of €6,000/m² for homes in perfect condition.

The Junta de Andalucía to Invest €411 Million to Promote 3 Luxury Hotels in Marbella

The Junta de Andalucía has commissioned the Accelerator Unit for Projects of Strategic Interest in Andalucía to boost the construction of three hotels in Marbella with an investment of 411 million.

Andalucía Will Invest €176 Million in its Logistics Hubs by 2027

The Government of Andalucía is going to carry out major work at various logistics hubs in Sevilla, Córdoba, Algeciras and Jaén.

Record Investment in Supermarkets in Spain: Exceeds €640 Million

Investment in supermarkets in Spain will reach 640 million euros in 2020, up by 460 million euros compared to 2019. Mercadona, Carrefour and Sagax have closed the most important operations.

Demand Falls by Half for Second-Hand Housing but Remains Stable for New Homes, According to the AEV

Experts from the AEV's XIII Valuation Observatory believe that house prices will take at least nine months to reach an equilibrium.

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The Valencian Government Buys 75 Homes From Sareb at a Discount

The Valencian Government has selected 75 properties from an initial portfolio of 182, which it is going to acquire at a discount of more than 21% over the asking price.

La Generalitat Halts the Construction of More than 11,000 Homes on the Costa Brava

The Catalan Government is making use of the Urban Master Plan to stop the development of 11,000 homes in 17 municipalities on the Costa Brava.

Investment Will Not Recover to its Pre-Pandemic Levels Until 2023, According to Savills IM

The firm's Outlook for 2021 report identifies 'solid' long-term opportunities in Spain in the logistics, food-based retail and office sectors, as well as in the build to rent segment.

Logistics Leasing Soars by 65% in Madrid but Decreases in Barcelona

700,000 square metres of logistics space was leased in Madrid during the 9 months to September, up by 65% compared to the same period in 2019; meanwhile, in Barcelona, the figure fell by 8%.

Haya Puts 3,400 New Homes on the Market at Second-Hand Prices

The servicer controlled by Cerberus has put up for sale more than 3,400 "practically brand new" homes at second-hand prices. Most of the properties are located in Andalucía and Cataluña.

Metrovacesa Launches a 96-Home Development in Viladecans

The firm will invest 22 million euros in the new project, which will comprise 96 homes with one, two, three and four bedrooms distributed over two stand alone buildings.

Aedas Reduces its Half-Year Losses to €8.3 Million

The property developer owned by Castlelake generated revenues of €61.8 million from the delivery of homes, which raised its gross margin but not by enough to offset its losses.

Badi Negotiates With 4 Hotel Companies to Incorporate 400 Rooms into its Rental Supply

The proptech is finalising agreements with four hotel chains to add up to 400 hotel rooms to its medium and long-term rental offer.

Rental Prices Fall by More Than 12% in Madrid and Barcelona, According to Brainsre

The coronavirus crisis is extending the time it takes for landlords to rent their homes in large Spanish capitals, with larger homes suffering a greater impact.

Álvaro Aresti (DCN): Madrid Nuevo Norte will be Key to the Recovery in Madrid and Spain

The project will have an economic impact of close to 15.2 billion euros during the 24 years over which it is planned to be executed, of which 90% will come from private investment.

Inmobiliaria Espacio is Committed to Participating in Operación Chamartín

The property developer owned by the Villar Mir group owns land for residential and office use in Madrid Nuevo Norte, where it hopes to participate with its own projects as well as those of third parties.

Áreas Acquires All of Autogrill’s Premises in Spain

The Spanish operator has acquired 60 restaurants and shops from the Italian firm in Spain, which has 1,000 employees.


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Most Read What Happened in April 2020?

The impact of coronavirus defined the real estate market in April, although operations were actually closed in the commercial and logistics markets and new projects were announced in Madrid and Málaga.

Hotelbeds Receives a €430M Injection from 3 Funds to Head Off the Risk of Bankruptcy

Cinven, EQT and Canada Pension Plan Investment (CPPI) have decided to contribute €430 million to the Spanish company, which they acquired in 2016.

Santander Explores How to Securitise NPLs Through Deva Capital

The entity has created the company Deva Capital as a vehicle to explore the purchase of damaged assets from financial institutions around the world, according to various financial sources consulted by the newspaper Expansión. Investment banking sources stress that Santander's subsidiary in Brazil already acquires these types of assets from the banks through its real estate servicer.

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Spanish Real Estate Market, According to the Experts interviews five experts in the sector to find out what the effects of the pandemic have been, how investment will evolve, which assets are best positioned and what will happen if there is another outbreak.

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LCN Capital Partners Signs an Agreement with Mercadona to Buy 36 of its Supermarkets

The fund specialising in the purchase and subsequent rental of assets has signed an agreement with Mercadona to acquire the 36 supermarkets that the retailer has on the market.

AXA IM Buys 919 Rental Homes in Madrid from Tectum for €150 Million

Axa's real estate manager has starred in the largest turnkey operation involving rental homes in Spain to date.

Leo Messi Buys the Himalaia Hotel in Baqueira Beret

FC Barcelona player Leo Messi has purchased the Himalaya Hotel through his hotel company MiM. It is a four-star hotel establishment, located in Baqueira.

Mandarin Finalises the Purchase of its Third Hotel in Spain

The American hotel chain is negotiating the purchase of the Punta Negra hotel in Mallorca - an operation in which it plans to invest 135 million euros.


Rental Prices Fall by More Than 12% in Madrid and Barcelona, According to Brainsre

The coronavirus crisis is extending the time it takes for landlords to rent their homes in large Spanish capitals, with larger homes suffering a greater impact.

Madrid’s Salamanca Neighbourhood Resists Covid With No Price Decreases

The prices of commercial premises and homes for sale in the prestigious Madrid neighbourhood have remained stable; whilst the price of residential rental properties fell by 5% in the third quarter.

The Prices of New Homes Resist Covid and Continue to Rise

New build apartments in the Balearic Islands cost more than 580,000 euros on average; meanwhile, in Madrid, they cost 412,000 euros and in Castilla La-Mancha you can buy one for 122,147 euros.

The 22@ District, the Epicentre of Barcelona’s Real Estate Market

22@ is one of the most sought-after areas in Barcelona: large developers are building new residential projects and the district has the second highest prices for leasing office space in the city.