Aedas Homes Sidesteps the Economic Impasse with the Aim of Delivering 2,600 Homes in a Single Year

The company earned 215 million euros between April and September 2022 and delivered 500 units, but the pace during the second half of the year will allow it to close with 300 more units delivered than last year.

Haya Improves its Transaction Volume by 2% to September Ahead of the Expected Recession

The company "considers that consolidation of the servicing industry in Spain will be necessary due to the conditions of the sector" during these uncertain times.

Vía Célere Earned 62.5% More During the First 9 Months and Has Registered Pre-sales of 87% for 2023

The property developer has acquired a portfolio of land with the capacity to build 700 homes, comprising strategic plots in Madrid and buildable plots in Málaga and Barcelona.

The Socimi Castellana Properties Increases its Net Profit by 55.4% to €26.4 Million

The total value of the Socimi's portfolio amounts to 1.012 billion euros, or 1.105 billion euros if we include its stake in Lar España.