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Property Developer Ranking by Most New Homes Completed in 2022

Find out which property developers have completed the construction of the most new homes this year.

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As we come to the end of 2022, we have been analysing data from the Brainsre real estate big data platform, which reveals the developers that are going to complete the most new homes in Spain this year. The total number of completed units amounts to 74,321 homes, a considerably lower figure than last year, when it stood at around 127,000.

To view all the data, click here for access to Brainsre’s real estate big data platform.

Via Célere

The Madrid-based property developer, Vía Célere, is the company that will deliver the most new build homes in 2022, an estimated 2,564 units spread over 44 developments, according to data from the Brainsre real estate platform. For its part, the company has qualified that these figures do not include the final units to be completed this year.

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