Global Conference on Distressed & Alternative Investment Industry

The alternative and distressed investment industry worldwide is set to be the topic of discussion at the upcoming annual conference, the Alternat...

The Valuations of Assets in the Logistics, Living, Commercial & Office Sectors Fell in 2022

"The correction in asset valuations was especially pronounced during the second half of the year," according to Fernando Fuente, from CBRE.
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House Sales Will Decrease by Around 10% in 2023

The rise in interest rates and reduction in purchasing power may cause a shift in demand towards the rental market, according to Gesvalt.
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Residential Mortgages Rose by 10.9% in 2022 to Record Their Best Year Since 2010

More than 463,600 mortgages were signed in 2022, exceeding the historical data recorded in 2021 to register the best year in the market since 2010.