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The Stock of Doubtful Loans in Spain Accounts for One Fifth of the Total in the European Market

The volume of NPLs in Spain decreased by 5% during 2021 from the 83.3 billion euros registered in Q2 2021 and has fallen further still during 2022 to date.

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How is the non-performing loan (NPL) market coping in the run-up to the next economic crisis? Spain is positioned second in the country ranking by NPL volume, surpassed only by France in gross figures, accounting for 21% of the continental total.

Prime Yield, a firm specialising in the valuation of real estate assets and loans for investment funds and banking entities integrated into Gloval – a Spanish group offering real estate valuation, engineering and consulting services – has published a new edition of its report about the doubtful loan market in which it analyses the evolution of the market and the forecasts for the coming months.

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