New Build-to-Rent Joint Venture: Otero and Iberian Yield to Develop 1,000 Homes in Málaga

For the time being, they have already invested 21 million euros in the acquisition of two plots of land in the coastal city. Build-to-rent is ...

Kronos Homes Will Deliver 1,000 Homes in 2022 & Will Continue Buying Land

The property developer expects to double its deliveries and improve its sales with respect to last year's figures.

The Auction Resumes for the ARPO Plot to Build 167 Homes

The plot in question is VPP-2a of the UZ 2.4-03 sector located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) for which planning permission has been granted to promote limited-price social housing.

Valencia, Madrid & Barcelona Amongst the Most Profitable Cities in Europe for Renting Out a Home

According to a study of the European market carried out by Masteos, Valencia is the most profitable city for residential rental assets together with Warsaw.