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Two PwC Alumni Launch a Consulting Firm to Advise Funds and Socimis

Paloma García-Zaragoza has become a partner of Emecubo, the technical consulting firm created by Patricio Medina, following his departure from the Big Four company.

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Patricio Medina and Paloma García Zaragoza, partners of Emecubo.

To advise large investors and property developers on the most technical questions associated with any real estate operation. That is the specialty of Patricio Medina and Paloma García Zaragoza who, after years working together at the professional services firm PwC, are now embarking on a new professional adventure of their own: a technical consultancy firm called Emecubo.

“Emecubo was a natural step for us given our personal and professional backgrounds. Patricio Medina took the first step in 2017 and now I am joining the firm. We have decided to become entrepreneurs to try to be better parents and to continue growing professionally. Often it seems that one of the two has to be forgone but Emecubo is proof that it doesn’t have to be the case”, explains Paloma García Zaragoza speaking to

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