The Valencian Government Buys 75 Homes From Sareb at a Discount

The Valencian Government has selected 75 properties from an initial portfolio of 182, which it is going to acquire at a discount of more than 21% over the asking price.

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Meeting between Sareb and the Valencia Regional Government to reach an agreement for the house sales.

The Valencia regional government has reached an agreement in principle with Sareb for the public purchase of a package of 75 homes from the entity for a value of 4,999,831.15 euros, including the expenses associated with the operation. As such, the average price per home amounts to around 65,679 euros, according to the second Vice President and Minister for Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, Rubén Martínez Dalmau.

Likewise, he stressed that “this will be the first direct home purchase from an entity that has a large portfolio of available vacant homes”.

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