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The Socimi Owned by Sareb and TPG Considers Rental Home Investments Worth €100 Million

Témpore Properties has identified a portfolio of possible investments worth 100 million euros, including properties and homes under development for rent (build to rent).

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Nicolás Díaz Saldaña leads the Socimi.

Témpore Properties owns and manages a portfolio comprising more than 2,500 rental homes valued at more than 384 million euros as of June 2020, and located in 16 cities, mainly in the Community of Madrid.

The company has made a firm commitment to this business segment, in which it plans to grow through the purchase of more assets, both constructed properties and those pending development for lease (known as build to rent) in large and medium-sized cities, as it revealed to brainsrenews. And it supports its plans with exponential forecasts of market growth; according to its projections, over the last ten years, the rental housing portfolio has grown by 800,000 homes.

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