Sunday, November 1, 2020
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The Socimi Owned by Sareb and TPG Considers Rental Home Investments Worth €100 Million

Témpore Properties has identified a portfolio of possible investments worth 100 million euros, including properties and homes under development for rent (build to rent).

Nicolás Díaz Saldaña leads the Socimi.

Témpore Properties owns and manages a portfolio comprising more than 2,500 rental homes valued at more than 384 million euros as of June 2020, and located in 16 cities, mainly in the Community of Madrid.

The company has made a firm commitment to this business segment, in which it plans to grow through the purchase of more assets, both constructed properties and those pending development for lease (known as build to rent) in large and medium-sized cities, as it revealed to brainsrenews. And it supports its plans with exponential forecasts of market growth; according to its projections, over the last ten years, the rental housing portfolio has grown by 800,000 homes.

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What Is the Nursing Home Sector Like in Spain?

In Spain, there are 363,581 beds in nursing homes, which are asymmetrically distributed across the country. The province of Barcelona has a shortage of 11,124 units; whilst Madrid needs to add another 5,220 beds to its supply.

Which is the Most Dynamic Neighbourhood in Madrid Post Covid?

Tetuán has become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Madrid capital, thanks to its competitive prices and the emergence of new projects. However, coronavirus is weighing down on the market, especially when it comes to rental properties.

Property Developers Expect to Handover 20,500 New Homes Before 2021

In the three remaining months of the year, property developers expect to finish 20,551 homes in Spain, distributed across 1,061 developments, several of which will comprise hundreds of units.

The Aging Spanish Population: a Gold Mine for the Real Estate Sector

By 2050, 31.4% of the population in Spain will be aged over 64 years due to aging and a longer life expectancy. The supply of nursing homes for the elderly will need to double its capacity to keep pace.

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