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The Socimi Ibervalles Makes its Debut on BME Growth

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The Socimi Ibervalles rang the bell at the ‘Palacio de la Bolsa’ on Wednesday 27 July. Although its IPO had been in the pipeline for a long time, the pandemic forced the company to delay its initial growth plans. In the end, Ibervalles has made its stock market debut two years later than planned and after having professionalised its asset portfolio. The real estate investment company, which has operated under the Socimi regime since September 2020, will be listed on BME Growth with an initial value of 148 million euros, as reported by the BME last Friday.

Ibervalles received its approval to trade from the Market Coordination and Incorporations Committee after it concluded that the company meets the requirements to be listed on BME Growth. Its trading code will be ‘YIBV’. The company’s registered advisor is Renta 4 Corporate, while Renta 4 Banco will act as the liquidity provider.

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