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The CZFB Approves the Start of the Land Sale for the Expansion of Mercabarna

The next step will be negotiations between the legal teams representing the two institutions, which will have to agree the amount of the sale and the terms of the expansion.

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The site occupied by Mercabarna.

On 25 November, the Plenary Council of the Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium (CZFB) approved the start of the procedures to sell 150,000 square metres of land to Mercabarna and thus enable its expansion. The proposal was approved unanimously by all of the members at the plenary session, with only one abstention registered, according to The New Barcelona Post.

This expansion will address the main problem that has been facing Mercabarna for years, namely the lack of space. On the one hand, existing companies want to increase their facilities on the site and, on the other hand, there is a waiting list of new companies wanting to set up shop in the complex.

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