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Supermarket Sales Boom as Lar, Eroski and Mercadona Search for Buyers

Large chains and real estate companies are putting important portfolios of supermarkets on the market, which will allow annual investment to increase by more than 400 million euros in 2020.

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned a classic real estate asset into a safe haven investment for large and small buyers alike: supermarkets. During a period when practically every tenant is facing difficulties when it comes to paying the rent, supermarkets have not only seen their business not decline, they have actually increased their sales during this crisis period.

And the situation has not gone unnoticed by investors, be they large institutional funds or private estates: requests for information to invest in these assets has been increasing considerably. “Supermarkets have been bought and sold in Spain for a long time. It started with Eroski, selling assets to overcome its financial problems, to various several investors who, in turn, have sold them on. That was the beginning of the sale & leaseback operations, which Dia also carried out, placing its portfolio with mostly private investors”, says Rafael Paz, Director of Colliers’ office in Valencia.

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