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Realia Sells Historic Plot of Land in 22@ for 18.5 Million Euros

Carlos Slim's real estate company has sold a major development-ready plot of land in Barcelona's Parc Central.

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The listed real estate company Realia, controlled by the Mexican tycoon (and one of the biggest fortunes in the world) Carlos Slim, has decided to cash in on a type of asset that did not arouse interest until now due to its complexity: land pending development. A few days ago, the listed real estate company finalised the sale of a plot of land for tertiary use located in the Parc Central sector of 22@ in Barcelona.

Specifically, this plot is located within the so-called Special Plan for Interior Reform of the Parc Central sector of the 22@ business district.

It is one of the plots of land in its property division which, in total, totals more than half a million square metres (568,630 m2). The land corresponds to its land portfolio under development, which had 127,291 square metres as of June 30. Located in Calle Aguacate, La Noria, Parc Central (22@) and Leganés, these plots were valued at €62.7 million, almost three million euros more than a year earlier.

Realia earned €18.5 million, in line with the appraisal value estimated by CBRE at the end of the first half of the year.

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