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Price of Housing Rises 1.6% In September

According to Tinsa, the year-on-year increase in the price of housing in Spain reached 8.3%, 23.6% its nadir after the real estate burst almost a decade ago.

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The price of housing grew by 1.6%, compared to August, according to Tinsa. This increase puts the year-on-year rise at 8.3%, compared to September last year.

Andrea de la Hoz, a senior analyst at Tinsa, explains: “The changes in 2021 show increases in housing prices, although more moderate than the year-on-year variations, accentuated by comparing the current growth with the falls of 2020”.

Since September last year, the Mediterranean Coast and the archipelagos are up 12.1% and 10.0%, respectively. Smaller localities have seen an increase of 11.2%. Madrid, Barcelona and the big cities rose by 6.7%, although they have stabilized since August. On the other hand, the metropolitan areas of these cities are the ones with the most moderate growth, only 5.7%.

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