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Neinor Launches an Offer to Partially Repurchase Up To €100 Million of its Green Bonds

In 2022, Neinor Homes registered an adjusted net profit of 100.9 million euros, which represents an 8% decrease compared to 2021.

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Neinor Homes has launched a voluntary and partial repurchase offer for its green bonds amounting to up to 100 million euros of principal, notwithstanding the company’s right to accept a higher or lower amount, at a minimum price of 90% of the nominal value of the bonds, which would imply potential savings in terms of financial expenses of 25 million euros between now and 2026.

Last year, Neinor executed the repurchase of some of its green bonds amounting to 27 million euros with a yield-to-maturity of 8.9%, which ensured savings in terms of financial expenses of seven million euros.

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