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Neinor Homes Invests €16.5 Million in the Construction of Another 70 Homes in Leioa

The second phase of Ribera Homes involves the regeneration of the historically most depressed area of one of the municipalities with the most active real estate market in Vizcaya.

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Neinor Homes is continuing with its expansion in the Basque Country and in the province of Vizcaya. It has announced the start of construction of the second phase of Ribera Homes I. The new build promotion will involve an investment of 16.5 million euros and will complete the execution of an ambitious urban regeneration plan in the Lamiako Txopoeta de Leioa neighbourhood with another 70 new homes.

This project has contributed to putting an end to the substandard housing that used to dominate the area and to recovering degraded public spaces, which have been redeveloped for the enjoyment of the entire neighbourhood and to improve the quality of life of its residents.

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