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Medina Group Joins Excem in Exchange for Several Buildings

Fedaro XXI Inversiones, a company linked to the Medina Group, has joined Excem, a socimi specialising in the rental of shared flats.  Fedaro contributed six buildings to the venture.

Salida a bolsa de Excem 1 scaled

Excem Capital Partners, a socimi specialising in the rental of shared flats, held its ordinary general meeting on April 7. The meeting approved a capital increase through the contribution of assets.

As reported by the company to BME Growth, Fedaro XXI Inversiones, linked to the Andalusian agri-food group Medina, has joined Excem through the contribution of six buildings, four of which are located in Seville and two in Cordoba. The assets have been valued at more than 6 million euros.

The capital increase by the Hatchwell family’s socimi was carried out through the issue of more than 2.07 million new shares with a par value of 1 euro and a share premium of 0.36 euros each, with a maximum combined share premium of 745,387 euros.

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