Logistics Boom in Barcelona: 80% of the Supply in 2020 is Already Pre-Leased

Nevertheless, almost 120,000 m2 of space was leased during the third quarter, below the 130,000 m2 leased during the same period in 2019, according to Savills Aguirre Newman.

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Aerial view of a logistics platform.

“Demand for logistics space has not been paralysed by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic and is continuing to be very active. As such, we foresee a rapid absorption of the available space both in the first crown of Barcelona as well as in the second and third crowns”, explain sources at Savills Aguirre Newman.

Proof of this is that 80% of the new logistics area, in other words, 415,783 square metres, of the new supply that is going to be incorporated into the Barcelona market during 2020 has already been pre-leased. The same is true of the 343,000 square metres of space that is due to be incorporated into the market next year: 61% of that total has already been assigned.

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