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Libra Buys the Last Plot for Protected Housing in Valdebebas

The cooperative manager has acquired the last plot available for public housing in the sought-after neighbourhood of Madrid through two operations.


The cooperative manager Libra Gestión de Proyectos has just completed the purchase of one of the last available protected housing plots in the northeast of ​​the Spanish capital. Specifically, Libra has acquired the last plot for social housing with basic protection (known by its acronym VPPB) that remained in Valdebebas, one of the urban developments that has seen the most growth in Madrid in recent years.

The operation was closed last week. However, it has been in the making for a long time. The plot spans 2,000 square metres and its previous owners could not cope with its development. For that reason, Libra had to carry out two operations to acquire the coveted site, as Miguel Palmero, General Director of Libra GP, explained in an exclusive interview with Brainsre.news.

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