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Insur Buys Out BBVA From their Joint Venture in Entrenúcleos

The property developer has acquired 50% of the company that promotes urban developments in Sevilla from the financial entity.

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A joint venture has come to an end. Seven years after its incorporation, Insur has closed the purchase of 50% of the company it shared ownership of with Anida, a real estate company belonging to BBVA, for the development of homes in Entrenúcleos de Dos Hermanas (Sevilla).

In 2015, the two partners constituted the company Desarrollos Metropolitanos del Sur, S.L. in equal parts. Since then, Insur and Anida have built 17 promotions, comprising a total of 1,473 homes: 11 in the Entrenúcleos sector and the rest in Sevilla, Málaga, Cádiz, Granada and Cáceres.

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