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Housing Prices Up 0.6% in June, According to Tinsa

The Mediterranean coast and metropolitan areas posted the highest increases in housing prices, up 1.7% and 1.1%, respectively, according to Tinsa.

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The price of housing in Spain rose by 0.6% in June (+3.6% y-o-y), according to the appraisal firm Tinsa. The increase was higher on the Mediterranean coast (1.7%) and metropolitan areas (1.1%). In provincial capitals and large cities, prices rose in line with the average. Prices were up by 0.8% in the Atlantic region while remaining unchanged in the archipelagos.

Properties on the Mediterranean coast saw their value increase the most, by 6.5% in just six months. Northern municipalities and metropolitan areas followed, up by 4.8% with 4.2%, respectively. Price in capital cities rose moderately (2.3%), while prices in the islands increased by 1.4%.

Since the pandemic’s outbreak, inland and coastal municipalities on the Atlantic coast have seen the greatest increase in value, 4.1%. The average stands at 2.5%. The islands are the only ones that have not recovered pre-pandemic values, down 1.1%.

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