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Erke Acquires a Second Logistics Asset in Madrid

The company has added another 500 square metres to its portfolio of industrial assets in the Madrid region


The vehicle equipment company Erke has finalised its acquisition of a second logistics warehouse in Alcalá de Henares, within the Casarrubios Industrial Estate. Cushman & Wakefield advised on the transaction.

The new asset will focus on manufacturing prototypes, expanding knowledge and types of transformations, securing a larger stock of accessories for its customers and specialising in electric vehicles.

The company has another complex nearby, at 2 Calle Argentina. It also has other assets in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and the Basque Country.

According to the Brains Real Estate Big Data platform, the average price per square metre of logistics facilities in Madrid stands at 761 euros. This figure is a far cry from the 1,372 euros reached during the real estate bubble.

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