Build-to-Rent Is On The Rise: Spain Will Need 500,000 Rental Homes Over the Next 5 Years

Build-to-rent operations exceeded 1.4 billion euros in 2020, when around 6,000 homes were built in Spain. Over the next five years, 500,000 more units will be needed, according to CBRE.

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The build-to-rent (BTR) segment is on a roll right now. And large funds and companies, both domestic and international, are strongly committed to this growing market.

In this sense, 2020 was a record year for the multifamily segment -formed by residential for rent, BTR and student residences- in Spain, with investment exceeding 2.6 billion euros. That figure represents almost one third of the total volume of investment in the real estate sector, which amounted to 9.5 billion euros, according to data from CBRE.

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