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Asval: The First Association for the Owners of Rental Properties in Spain is Launched

Beatriz Toribio and Jordi Clos have launched Asval, an association that brings together the owners of almost 30,000 homes, including individuals and companies such as Testa, Aedas, Ares, Albirana and La Llave de Oro.

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Former minister Jordi Clos and real estate expert Beatriz Toribio have launched Asval, the first association to represent and defend the interests of all rental property owners, including individuals and companies, in Spain, according to Expansión.

Beatriz Toribio, former Head of Research at Fotocasa, has spent months preparing for the launch of Asval. Toribio, who will be the Secretary-General of the new association, explains that “it did not make sense that such an important part of the housing supply was not represented.” Meanwhile, the former Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Clos, will preside over the new association.


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