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Aedas’s Promissory Note Program Assigned a BBB Rating by Axesor

This instrument issued by the property developer, for a term of more than one year, falls within the group of issues that are considered low risk.

Maria Jose Leal Directora Financiera de AEDAS Homes 1024x683 1
Maria José Leal, Finance Director of Aedas Homes.

Aedas Homes has been assigned a BBB rating from the rating agency Axesor for the issuance of its guaranteed promissory notes that are included within the promissory note program that the company has registered on the Alternative Fixed Income Market (MARF) under the name Aedas HOMES 2020 Commercial Paper Notes Program.

The BBB rating is assigned by the rating agencies to issues with reduced credit risk, in an adverse context such as the uncertainty generated by coronavirus.

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