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Valdebebas Proposes Converting Some of its Tertiary Land into Tourist Housing

Valdebebas wants to convert some of its tertiary land, spanning 1.2 million m2 and currently dedicated to offices (Madrid Fintech), into land for tourist housing. The project is being considered in conjunction with Madrid City Council to convert the use of some of the urban land.

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Homes under construction in Valdebebas.

Valdebebas, a neighbourhood with one of the largest booms in new housing in Madrid, is studying how to optimise some of its tertiary land, spanning 1.2 million square metres and currently focused on offices, by converting it into land destined for tourist housing. To this end, the Valdebebas Compensation Board has already submitted a study to Madrid City Council that would allow the conversion of urban uses in this area.

This is according to Marcos Sánchez Foncueva, manager of the Valdebebas Compensation Board, speaking in an interview with He said that the pace of residential construction in the new Madrid neighbourhood has not declined despite Covid-19. Moreover, he is proud of the dynamism shown by the implementation of projects such as the new exhibition spaces in Ifema, the Ciudad de la Justicia and the new Emergency Hospital.


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