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Silicius Opened 17 New Stores in its Shopping Centres in 2021

Following these new openings, the firm's three shopping centres registered a total average occupancy rate of 81% as of December 2021.


Silicius, the Socimi owned by the Mazabi group, opened 17 new establishments in its Thader (Murcia), Bahía Plaza (Los Barrios, Cádiz) and La Fira (Reus, Tarragona) shopping centres during 2021. Following those new additions, the three retail spaces had a total average occupancy of 81% as of December 2021, with a total leased surface area of 78,404 m2.

New additions at the Thader shopping centre, Murcia

Of the three retail spaces, the most active in terms of new openings last year was Thader, with the inauguration of nine establishments including three in the textile sector, specifically: the children’s fashion and baby services firm Chicco; the Brantford brand, specializing in fashion and accessories for men; and Vogue’s, focusing on women’s fashion and accessories.

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