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Barcelona City Council Fines Azora for Having 20 Empty Protected Homes

The Town Hall led by Ada Colau has launched disciplinary proceedings against the investment fund for not renting 20 protected flats. The fine could amount to 900,000 euros.

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Barcelona City Council has opened disciplinary proceedings against the real estate fund manager Azora for failing to “comply with the obligation to rent a total of 20 flats in a residential building that it acquired with official protection in 2010,” according to the Town Hall.

This infraction could carry an economic fine of between 90,001 and 900,000 euros, according to a statement issued by the City Council. The uninhabited flats are located at numbers 11 and 12 of Plaza de Alfonso Carlos Comín. The development comprises 66 homes in total plus 111 parking spaces that were built for rent, and which are officially protected for the first 10 years.


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