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Aedas Homes Sidesteps the Economic Impasse with the Aim of Delivering 2,600 Homes in a Single Year

The company earned 215 million euros between April and September 2022 and delivered 500 units, but the pace during the second half of the year will allow it to close with 300 more units delivered than last year.

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The immediate future in the form of more than 2,600 homes delivered in a single year will fulfil the objectives that Aedas Homes set out in its Business Plan. The firm closed the first half of its financial year 2022-23 (from April to September 2022) with revenues of 215 million euros and a gross margin of 28.1% in the estimated high range, compared to turnover of 236 million euros and a GM of 30.6% during the same period last year.

During the period from April to September 2022, the company achieved an EBITDA of 21 million euros, which is less than half of the 43 million euros it recorded last year. Nevertheless, the company is confident that the second half of its annual result will offset the first half, which was heavily marked by the war in Ukraine and general economic uncertainty, as stated in a press release.

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