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130 million in acquisitions in one month for Corum

130 million in acquisitions in one month for Corum

Despite the current financial context, Corum continues to make acquisitions, taking advantage of favorable market conditions. The company recently completed four new acquisitions totaling over €130 million. Some commercial properties are experiencing price drops of 20% to 30%, presenting attractive opportunities for investors, as reported by Businessimmo.

Corum XL, one of Corum’s SCPIs, expanded its portfolio with two new properties in the UK: Sovereign House in Basingstoke and the 191 West George Street office building in Glasgow. Sovereign House was purchased for €26.7 million, offering a yield of 6.43% and a 15-year lease commitment. The Glasgow office building, acquired for approximately €45 million, has a yield of 6.45% and is currently leased to four tenants.

Other acquisitions include a Milan office building leased to Henkel and Gi Group, certified Breeam Very Good, and a Dublin office building in the Cherrywood district, housing the European headquarters of Elavon Financial Services. These acquisitions reflect Corum’s strategic positioning to take advantage of favorable investment conditions and demonstrate the agility of their management team in preparing for future performance.


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