International fund seeks properties for sale & leaseback operation

The operation will be closed under the SLB “sale & leaseback” structure whereby the owner of an asset or group of real estate assets will sell them, but will remain in possession of said assets as the lessee by virtue of a lease contract that will be signed immediately after the transfer of ownership between the buyer-lessor and the seller-lessee.

Build to suit or custom-build operations will also be considered. This is a new leasing concept whereby the owner builds an asset to the specifications of the tenant, which leases it once the construction work has been completed.

Assets of interest include:

– Commercial Real Estate: Offices, Retail, Industrial and Logistics

– Alternative assets: Nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, educational facilities, amongst others.

– Infrastructure: Airports, port infrastructure, desalination plants, sports centres, amongst others.

The fund seeks assets worth more than € 10 million and up to € 100 million.

It seeks to close long-term (> 10 years) triple Net contracts.