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zityhub Captures More Than 50 Flex Offices to Exceed 120 Locations & 4,000 Users

In 2022, zityhub quadrupled its turnover and focused its efforts on continuing to secure supply, which will include new types of spaces going forward.

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During 2022, zityhub added 50 additional spaces to its platform and managed to exceed the threshold of 4,000 users. The flexible workspace reservation platform is now present in 16 Spanish cities with 120 workspaces and a total of 400,000 square metres distributed across different types of assets including: coworkings, hotels and corporate headquarters. Each of these spaces has individual workstations and meeting rooms.

Last year, the firm multiplied its turnover fourfold, focusing its efforts on continuing to secure supply. In the last two months of the year alone, 11 locations were added to its portfolio under management, with 66 additional meeting rooms and 454 new individual desks bookable on demand.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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