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Yadorwui Family Office Acquires Former Supersol Logistics Platform

The Yadorwui’s family office has acquired a 55,000 m² plot of land, on which five logistics warehouses with 30,000 m² of floor space are located, from the investment fund Mishte Group.

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The craze for real estate assets extends beyond the major markets of Madrid and Barcelona. One of the biggest deals of the year in this sector has just been completed in Seville.

The Madrid family office Yadorwui has just acquired a 55,000 square metre logistics plot located in the vicinity of the Pineda industrial estate in Seville. This land has five warehouses, with 30,000 m2, and is part of the site where the food distribution company Supersol had its logistics platform.

The asset, was owned by the investment fund Mishte Group. According to sources close to the deal, the sale was finalised for an undisclosed amount, but which could be around five million euros.

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