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Xior Student Completes the Purchase of a Student Residence in Granada

The company Xior has invested 37 million euros in this residence in Granada, which has been remodelled to expand its capacity and which was handed over to the buyer on 17 June.

xior residencia estudiantes
Xior Student‘s future hall of residence for students.

The company Xior Student has completed the purchase of a student residence in Granada, which was previously owned by Amro Estudiantes. The asset in question is the Colegio Mayor Loyola, located on the University of Granada’s Cartuja campus. It has undergone a remodelling and expansion project to be turned into a student residence with 347 units and 354 beds.

The building work has not been delayed due to Covid-19 and the project was delivered as scheduled on 17 June. The terms of the sale and purchase operation establish that Amro Students will manage the residence for the first two academic years under a triple net lease contract and that, once this period ends, Xior will be in charge of the management.

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