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Work Begins on Mahou Calderón: The First Homes Will be Rental Properties

Vivenio is the first company to launch its development, which will be called Nuevo Calderón. It will comprise 408 homes for rent, which could be ready in 2022.

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Aerial view of the new neighbourhood in Madrid.

At the end of November, Ribera Calderón, also known as Operación Mahou-Calderón, was given the green light to build 1,433 homes for sale and rent on the site of Atlético de Madrid’s former stadium. The properties are going to be built by Ibosa, Pryconsa, Vivenio and Gestilar, the latter working on behalf of the fund Azora and CBRE Global Investors, developers that sit on the Compensation Board.

“There is a group of entities that are strongly committed to continuing to develop Madrid despite the circumstances, and we hope that within 24 to 48 months, the Ribera del Calderón will become a reality,” explained Javier Rodríguez Heredia, President of the Compensation Board speaking to

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