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Which Real Estate Companies will Pay Dividends this Year?

Companies such as Aedas Homes have decided to maintain their payment to shareholders; whereas Neinor and Insur have cancelled theirs to preserve cash.

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The property developer Aedas, which generated revenues of €311.5 million in 2019, held its General Shareholders’ Meeting electronically on 30 March, at which it approved the change of its fiscal year to run from April 1 until March 31, to “reflect the seasonality of the business”, according to David Martínez, CEO of the company.

The firm, which is only three years old, explained to Brainsre.news that “it plans to pay its first dividend next November”. It will amount to one euro per share and will be charged against the financial year 2020. Likewise, the property developer notes that 2019 “was a solid year in terms of operating and financial results and, although it is early to assess the effects of the coronavirus crisis, we have activated a capital preservation strategy to guarantee business continuity.”


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