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Where and When Will the Most New-Build Homes Be Handed Over in 2021?

In total, property developers and cooperatives are planning to complete 71,825 new-build homes during 2021, spread over 3,342 developments, according to Brainsre, of which almost 15,000 will be located in Madrid.

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Homes under construction in Valdebebas (Madrid).

They are the star product after Covid. Unlike during previous crises, this time around, new-build homes have not only maintained their position following the global pandemic, they have actually emerged stronger.

“After the long periods of lockdown, both existing homeowners and future buyers have changed their preferences when it comes to looking for a home. They now place much more emphasis on terraces, larger spaces, common areas and a location that suits their needs. Many traditional second-hand home buyers are also switching to new build projects due to the payment facilities they offer, which allow purchasers to structure their spending in a more manageable way and to directly access the financing associated with property developer loans”, explains María Moreno, Data Scientist at Brainsre.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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