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What is the Market for Family Homes Like in Madrid?

The average publication price of a single-family home for sale in Madrid stands at €3,518/m2, with only 5% of the population living in houses of this kind.

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Two years after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the changes in the real estate market are undeniable: the office is now not only a place to work, but also a meeting place, and the residential sector is characterised by a desire for larger homes with outdoor space.

And those trends are reflected in the offer that real estate developers are now launching. “In the most recent edition of SIMA (the real estate fair in Madrid), around 15,000 homes were on the market for sale. Of those, 24% were single-family homes, compared to the figure in 2020, which already exceeded 21%. Prior to 2019, the supply of single-family homes was significantly lower”, explains Eloy Bohúa, Director General of SIMA.

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