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What is Happening to Rental Prices in Barcelona?

After three years of relative stability, rental prices in Barcelona have recorded three consecutive quarters of decreases, leading to prices not seen since 2016, according to Brainsre.

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According to data from the real estate big data platform Brainsre, the average price of rental housing in Barcelona amounts to 15.8 euros per m2 month, leading to an average spend of 1,322.9 euros per month. Both figures are well above the national average, given that for Spain as a whole, the average rent costs 10.2 euros per square metre per month and the average rental spend amounts to 993.3 euros per month.

The aforementioned rental prices for the municipality of Barcelona represent a quarterly price drop of 3.06% and a year-on-year decrease of 8.1%. After three years of relative price stability, Barcelona has now seen three consecutive quarters of decreases, with rental prices falling to values not recorded since 2016.

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