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Vivenio to Raise €101.68 Million in Capital Increase

The transaction is part of the one billion euro investment plan, planned after the entry of the Aware Super fund in the shareholding.

edificio viviendas calle atocha Madrid Vivenio Fuente vivenio

The socimi Vivenio Residencial has launched a capital increase of 101.68 million euros. It will do so through the issue of 79,100,000 ordinary shares, with a par value of one euro and a share premium of 0.2855 euros.

According to a note sent to BME Growth, this capital increase will be in cash and must be subscribed and paid for via 1.2855 euros per share.

The publicly-traded company offers a pre-emptive subscription right of 14 days from the day after these shares are registered in the Mercantile Registry.

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