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Víveme Obtains the Green Light for its Two Affordable Housing Projects in Madrid

The company, which specialises in property development and cooperative management, has obtained licenses for its two projects in Cañaveral and Villaverde.

Viveme Parque de Ingenieros 1024x512 1
Parque Ingenieros, a cooperative development where building work is starting in Ciudad de los Ángeles (Madrid).

Víveme, which specialises in affordable housing and is directed by a woman, has become a leading player in this niche of the residential market in Madrid.

Created in 2015 by Mariam Martín Ferreiro – after 13 years working for another leading property developer in the region, Larcovi, where she became CEO after holding various positions of responsibility -, last year, Víveme managed an investment volume in affordable housing through cooperatives -its speciality- worth around 60 million euros. And in the midst of de-escalation, the company she runs has received some good news.

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