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Vitruvio Refinances €21.3 Million of Mortgage Loans with Caixabank and Abanca

The Socimi has reached an agreement with Caixabank and Abanca for the novation of nine mortgage loans worth 21.3 million affecting 100 of the firm's properties.

Ayala 101 Madrid Vitruvio 1024x683 1
Building number 101 on Calle Ayalá in Madrid, owned by Vitruvio.

The Socimi Vitruvio has reached an agreement with Caixabank and Abanca to refinance 21.3 million euros in mortgage loans. Specifically, the company led by Joaquín López-Chicheri has signed the novation of nine loans with banks, according to a statement sent by the firm to the Alternative Investment Market (MAB).

The loans granted by Caixabank amount to 4.9 million euros, whilst those contracted with Abanca total 16.4 million euros. Through this agreement, the Socimi has managed to defer the repayment of the principal by twelve months. The maturities vary according to each loan and are contractually fixed from October 2031 until the year 2039.

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