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Vitruvio Earns €2.6M in the Last Quarter of the Year, up by 39% YoY

Ayala 101 Madrid Vitruvio 1024x683 1
The building at number 101 Calle Ayalá in Madrid, owned by Vitruvio.

Vitruvio increased its profits to €2.6 million during the final quarter of 2019, up by 38.8% compared to the last quarter of the previous year, when they amounted to €1.9 million, according to the company.

The Socimi led by Joaquín López-Chicheri recorded revenues of €8.6 million at the end of the quarter, of which €4.2 million were derived from commercial assets, €1.5 million from residential properties, €1.6 million from office spaces and the rest from logistics centres.


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