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Vincci Jumps on the Bandwagon to Offer Long-Stays at its Hotels

It is offering its four- and five-star hotels in Spain and Portugal for a minimum stay of fifteen days at a price of 50 euros per night.


The luxury hotel chain Vincci Hoteles has launched a long-stay accommodation service. The hotel chain is making available its four- and five-star hotels in Spain and Portugal. Those clients who wish to spend time at any of the hotels must stay for a minimum of fifteen days and in return will pay just 50 euros per night.

The stay includes various services such as: Wi-Fi connection, discounts on restaurants and laundry, as well as early check-in and late check-out. In addition, Vincci Hotels has strengthened its protocols against Covid-19. It has developed special and specific measures for each area of activity in order to comply with current regulations.

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