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Värde and Neinor Break Off Exclusive Negotiations

Both Värde and Neinor are still meeting and seeking agreement on what proportion of shares and cash a potential sale would involve.

Värde and Neinor

Värde and Neinor are breaking off exclusive negotiations. The decision was communicated to the CNMV by the listed developer after the deadline that both parties set. According to market sources, negotiations are continuing.

The exclusive negotiation period ended yesterday, but it will not prejudice the transaction. However, according to the same sources, Värde, owner of Vía Célere, could now pursue negotiations with other market players. Other candidates include large developers and international investors.

On November 8, Neinor Homes announced, for the first time officially, that it was conducting due diligence to acquire its competitor Vía Célere. Both companies agreed to three months of exclusive negotiations.

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