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Valencia Intervenes in the Sale of 218 Homes by Sabadell to an Investment Fund

This is the largest public housing acquisition operation that the Generalitat has completed by exercising its right of first refusal. The investment amounts to €8.5M.

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The second Vice-President and Councillor for Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, has unveiled what is the largest home purchase operation by the Valencian Government. Specifically, it is a portfolio of homes that Banco Sabadell had planned to sell to an investment fund. The operation forms part of the Decree Law to expand the public housing stock, which was approved by the Board on 5 June.

The Vice-President described the operation as “historic for the Community of Valencia” and said that he was satisfied with “having managed to close the largest operation for the acquisition of public housing ever completed in Spain exercising the right of first refusal.”

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