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Urbas’s EBITDA Soared by 57.5% in 2022 to €41 Million

The turnover of the Urbas group also reached maximum levels increasing by 51.7% YoY, to 305 million euros.

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Urbas continued to grow in terms of income in 2022 with its revenues soaring to reach 305 million euros, up by 51.7% compared to the previous year. That record figure was driven by an improvement in operational and financial efficiency generated by synergies arising from its new purchases, the optimisation of costs and the expansion of the business perimeter.

Urbas’s growth strategy is to accelerate the expansion of the company, which also explains the growth in revenues, generating a gross operating result (EBITDA) of 41 million euros, 57.7% more than in 2021. All this reflects the stable and operational growth of the group’s businesses, confirming the company’s profitability, the generation of value and the synergies achieved over the past year.

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