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Urbas Increases Value of Its Assets to 966 Million Euros

The publicly traded real estate company has booked €153.6-million in unrealised capital gains after closing the latest purchase and refinancing operations.

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This morning, the real estate group Urbas submitted a report to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). It sent details of its performance following its latest transactions.

Urbas recently finalised the acquisition of several companies such as Joca, Ecisa and Construcciones Urrutia. It also bought the company Narmal and several plots of land.

These operations have allowed it to generate unrealised capital gains of 153.6 million euros due to the difference between the agreed price and the most recent valuations.

Consequently, the total value of the Urbas Group’s assets stood at 966.3 million euros on June 30, including unrealised capital gains of 338 million euros and financial liabilities of 104 million euros.

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